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Nuclear Training Services Ltd. is dead.
Long Live Nuclear Training Services!

The company Nuclear Training Services Ltd. has been closed down and is no longer registered. All the residual activities of the old company have been transferred to NTS Nett - a sole tradership run by Dr Gordon Gilmore. Although no longer running regular courses, Dr Gilmore, the author of "Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry (Second Edition)" is willing to undertake short training courses and consultancy on request under the aegis of "Nuclear Training Services" - not limited.

Dr Gilmore can provide training courses in a wide range of topics: Basic understanding of radioactivity, gamma-ray spectrometry, neutron counting, environmental radiochemistry and reactor technology. Such courses would be of interest to those working in the nuclear industry, radiometric laboratories, persons making environmental radioactivity measurements etc. Dr Gilmore is also available as a consultant in radiometric matters.

In addition to the nuclear related activities, NTS Net provides Internet services such as website hosting, email facilities and Web Site design for small companies.

Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry LogoThe website,, was created to coincide with the release of Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry - Edition 2. This carries a number of data pages, spreadsheets and example spectra that are referred to in the book. There is also a repository of test spectra and the new spreadsheet based program, SpecMaker, to enable analysts to create their own test spectra.

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